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Duda Family Foundation of name Maksymilian Duda

Operating for the last 11 years, the Duda Family Foundation of name Maksymilian Duda, founded in 2004 by Bogna Duda-Jankowiak, Maciej Duda and Marcin Duda, implements social projects mainly in the region of the former province of Leszno. Its aim is to equalize opportunities and improve the education of children and young people, whose development is hindered by difficult financial situation. The Foundation supports and promotes educational, social and cultural activities. Its programme focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and self­confidence as the foundation of a good life. Professional activities in the area of CSR are now part of modern management. In 2004, the foundation focused on CSR­related activities, long before the current trend. At that time, such measures were implemented only by the biggest national entities and companies with foreign capital. Implementation of CSR strategy by the Duda family was proof of their social and civic maturity. Today it results in valuable experience and knowledge of this type of activity.

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