Duda Holding

Work, dreams and perseverance are the key to success


Duda-Cars SA is an authorized Mercedes-Benz, AMG and smart dealership that operates in three locations – Poznan, Wroclaw and Leszno.


The company is currently hiring more than 300 highly skilled individuals, each contributing to company’s continous growth. With the ongoing deep modernization of Wroclaw’s showroom and a new object being built  on the northern border of Poznan, Duda-Cars has stepped on a path to rapid developement and is not going to look back. Just recently, Duda-Cars collectively with its outstading team were awarded a Dealer of the Year 2017 title, recognised for their exceptional customer service,  passenger car sales and financial performance.  The award adds up to another honourable mentions of Duda-Cars in Forbes Diamonds ranking and International Marketing Awards, setting the company apart from competition.


A variety of innovative brands makes the company’s offer highly comprehesive:

Rent.me – Mercedes-Benz and smart car rental

Drive.me – Chauffeured luxury car rental

Legends Duda-Cars – classic cars

Duda-Cars Pre-Owned – pre-owned cars dealership

Duda Logistics – transport-frowarding services

Finance.me & Insurance.me – Financial and insurence services




Unique cars require expectional care. To serve this purpose a company named CarsCare&More came to life, soon after becoming the largest professional autodetailing studio in the Greater Poland. Each day, a team of highly experienced auto detailers thoroughly takes care of numerous vehicles, using the most advanced equipement  and chemicals available on the market. The company is also an official ambassador of Wrap Style brand – quality vehicle vinyl wraps.